"I like first class, but I don’t like first class people - I prefer the people in coach. I like fine restaurants but prefer the taste of McDonalds. I like to be perfect but I don’t like perfection - I think it’s dangerous: there is nothing after perfection. I know, I am a walking contradiction."

Alber Elbaz at the Vogue Festival (via letteratura-litterature)

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To be honest I can be nice to you and still don’t like you. Doesn’t mean I’m fake. I just believe in being nice and having manners. But if you ask me for your opinion, I’ll give it to you straight.

Like John Mayer said, “Just be really fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.”



Two months into our relationship you once asked me how much I loved you and I just said “From here”. You didn’t get it and you got mad and thought I was playing around.

Breaking up after almost two years together, I sent you a message 6 months later saying “To Here”.

You still didn’t get it.

This just makes me want to cry.

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